WordPress 4.9 Update – Do you have a plan in place?

WordPress 4.9 has recently been released and is a major update!

If you’ll be updating on your own, please research the compatability of your current plugins before initiating the updates, and please make sure you run backups of your site, and have a quick rollback plan in place.

As a reminder, I can handle these upgrades for your site as part of a monthly maintenance package.

Monthly Care Package Features

  • Weekly Updates – Plugins and WordPress Core
  • WordPress Backups – Daily, Weekly
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Rollback & Site Restore

Please contact me anytime for a quick audit of your site and pricing based on your situation. Monthly Care plans typically range from $60/mo for basic setups to $120/mo for more complicated setups such as ecommerce and heavy traffic sites.